Beauty Haul!

Hi guys! So I went to target a few days ago and found some things I wanted to try.


I’ll start with the boring one lol. I bought a new makeup brush for setting powder. I’ve had that other one for a while and it may sound gross but it was a hand-me-down from my mom, she never really used it tho (she doesnt wear makeup, i guess that’s why i’m not that crazy into it) and I washed it before I did. It was $8.99


Then, I bought a new blush. I wasn’t really looking for one but I liked this colour since I don’t really have one like this, now I have four blushes, one which I don’t really use. It’s from elf, it was $2.99. You can see the big difference between the one I’m using currently which is from Marcelle. You can barely even see the one from elf and I don’t know what I really think about it, I may have to do a review if you guys want to see the difference in my face.



I also bought a setting powder. The one I have is from NYC and it was only $2.99 which is good and the powder works fine. This is the second one I use and I made the same mistake of buying a lighter shade than my skin tone. You can’t really tell once the makeup has been on my face for maybe an hour cause it all blends in but it sorta bother me and  i decided to try this one from cover girl for $5.99. Both these powders are in the shade warm beige and you can see the difference



I also bought a new lip product. I want to try the dark lip trend for fall but I think dark lips don’t suit me. Still I wanted to give it another shot and bought this lip balm from elf for $3.99. I thought it would be darker but is not and I tried to build it up and still doesn’t look how I thought it would, so I am kinda disappointed. I’m still going to wear it



And finally, I bought a nail polish, of course. I really liked the colour for fall. It’s from maybellene in the colour mauve in Manhattan 195 and it was on sale for $2.39.


And that was it! I hope you guys liked this. Do you have any dark lip product that you love for the fall? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂 thanks for reading!

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  1. Karen Rees says:

    Great haul 🙂 Love the colour of the Maybelline polish – I’m looking for something like that shade myself, such a nice shade! Karen x