Beauty Haul!

Hey guys! So, I got some stuff a few days ago and I wanted to share them with you. I’ve been in search for a new blush and for lipsticks.


A few weeks ago, I got a blush from elf. I wanted to try a different colour, since all my blushes have been pink. I found a coral shimmery one from elf, but I’m not a fan of the shimmer, so I decided to go out there and look for another one. The first one I found is from Annabelle in the shade sunset glow, it’s a darker coral. I tried it already and I like it, it’s actually a bit lighter than the one I was usingusing, which is from NYC.


The other one I found it’s from Maybelline in the shade medium coral. It’s a bit darker than the one from elf, which is good because I feel like you can barely see it.


So, again, I found a nail polish. I can’t help it but always find one that I have to take with me. This one is from Maybelline color show, in the colour wine and forever.


So next, lip products. I found 3 that I liked. The bad thing about buying lip products for me, is that I like the colours, but once I get home and put it on I don’t like it on me. This time I actually liked all three. They are all from essense, the first one is in the shade natural beauty. It’s such a pretty light pink, I like how it looks so natural and settle



The second shade is coral calling. I like that is a soft coral



And the last one is adorable matt! This one is the one I like the least. I think light colours look better on me but if I went out for dinner or at night I think I could dare to wear it.





And that’s it for my haul! I hope you guys liked this. Let me know in the comments below any thoughts or questions. Thanks so much for reading!

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5 Responses to Beauty Haul!

  1. I have only recently discovered Essence and I was so impressed with the lipsticks and nail varnishes! And so cheap! Nice post 🙂

  2. Thanks for the post. You got some great stuff. Enjoy. 🙂

  3. I haven’t tried them…gonna have to ig!

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