Birthday OOTD! 

Hello guys! 

I had such a great day celebrating my 24th birthday. I can’t believe I’m 24 years old, I still feel like I’m 17 haha. I went out for dinner with my family which is something we do every year to celebrate. We went to my favourite Mexican restaurant and had a good time. I wore this super cute romper, which my mom got for me as a gift, she also got me a little ring set from forever21.  I finally have a romper! I could never find one that I liked. My mom wanted to take me shopping for one and we found this one. I love the pattern (I own way too many floral clothes) and I like that is not way too short, which is what I have a problem with with most rompers out there. This one is from Bluenotes.

I wore it with my favourite denim jacket, which I basically wear every day we go out. 

I had a lovely day. My boyfriend surprised me with lots of candy and a super lovely letter, he also made a little picture, I could tell he worked super hard on it and I love how it turned out. He also made little love coupons with tons of cute ideas and special treats, I just love that he went all DIY this year! 🙂 

My brother got me a gift set from Glamglow, I was so excited! He asked what I wanted and I asked for the small jar of Glamglow tinglexfoliate, but he got a better deal by getting the whole gift set and I was very appreciative! It has the little jar of the clearing treatment and a face wash treatment. I’m so looking forward to posting a review on these. 

My boyfriend’s dad got me a Spanish cooking book and his mom gave me a beautiful little cooking set, and she also gave me hit sauce haha she knows how much I love hot sauce. So I’m also looking forward to try new recipes and post the meals on here. 

I had tons of fun and I had a special day with my family. I’m looking forward to finding out what this year of my life is going to be like. Thank you guys so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed it. Have a great day! 😀

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