Makeup  Haul! 

Hi guys! I’ve recently added some new items to my makeup “collection”. I’ve been getting more and more into makeup and I’ve been trying new things. I got some of these items literally  yesterday so I haven’t tested them yet, but I was too excited to post this. 

I’ll start with the palettes. 

Tartelette in bloom. This is such a beautiful eye shadow palette. My brother was kind enough to give me a sephora gift card for christmas and this is what I got. I love this palette! I don’t wear eyeshadow often, hence why this is the only eyeshadow palette I own. It has basic and shimmery shades so it works out for me and the makeup looks I go for. 

Like I mentioned before, I’ve been trying new things. I was never too into the whole highlighter and contour craze, but I wanted to test it out. I had a wedding to go to and I figured I wanted to make my makeup more dramatic and fun for the event. It did take me a few tries to really get the hang of it, I’ve watched quite a few makeup videos and they make it look so easy! They are not kidding when they say blend, blend, blend!  I actually really like this palette, and even use one of the highlighters for my every day makeup. 

I wanted to try a foundation, I wear bb cream  but wanted a light foundation for other special occasions. This is the Maybelline better skin in the shade rich tan. It’s pretty light, to me it almost feels like a bb cream, maybe with slightly more coverage. It does match my skin really well but I’m not too crazy about it since it’s so light, I still reach for my bb cream when I wear makeup. And, I also got a new brush for setting powder, I’ve heard a lot about these brushes on YouTube and found this one at winners for $7 so I decided to purchase it and see how it works. 

Another two items I have added to my daily makeup are the sephora setting spray and concealer. I use the concealer under my eyes to brighten up the area. When I went in to the store to match my shade, the lady helping me gave me one that was too light for me. But I guess that’s how everyone picks them, it’s to brighten the area so they go for a light shade. I just didn’t like the look of it so she gave me one shade darker, it almost matches my skin but it still looks bright and I like that look better. As for the setting spray, I love it! It’s a lot cheaper than other brands like tarte or urban decay but it works great. I can really tell the difference from when I wore nothing but setting powder. My makeup lasts longer and looks fresh longer. 

So this are the items I haven’t tested. This was a little set I found online of different products I’m curious about. This is all from tarte (I forgot to include the mascara on the picture). It includes a drink of h2o hydrating boost cream, rainforest of the sea boosting mist, tinted primer, lights camara lashes mascara, rainforest of the sea cleansing gel and a blush in the shade thrilled. I believe it was all But $30 or so. I can’t wait to try the primer and the blush. 

Another item I’ve heard about are these little oil absorbing napkins. I do have a pretty oily T zone and even though the sephora setting spray works great, it doesn’t get rid of the oil. So I thought it’d give these a try. 

And lastly, I went in to sephora for a face mask and I got this free sample set. My birthday is coming up and if you are a member of the beauty insider card, you get a gift for your birthday. I got a blush, in the shade paaarty, similar to the one I showed earlier, but a slightly different shade. And I also got a small sample of a tarte lip paint in the shade birthday suit, which looks really pretty on. 

Alright, those are all the makeup items I have purchased recently. I will probably upload a daily makeup routine since it has changed quite a bit since I last posted it. 

Thanks guys for reading! Have you tried any of these products? Let me know what you think of them, or if you recommend any products that you enjoy. Have a great day! 

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  1. I’ve always wanted to try out the tartlette in bloom palette! 💜

  2. I love all my Tarte products especially my blush and make believe palette! Great haul babes 💜

  3. xoxsarai says:

    What is the Sephora concealer called? I love the Sephora 10 hr wear foundation but Ive never tried the concealer.

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