Colourpop Yes Please! palette review & swatches 

Hi guys! 

As I mentioned in my last colourpop makeup haul , I will be doing a quick review and swatch of the colourpop Yes Please! palette.I know there’s already enough reviews about this palette, but I’m so excited to finally have it so I still want to share my thoughts. 

So, I was honestly shocked to see the actual size of the palette. I’ve seen and read reviews but I hadn’t realized how small it was. I have just recently read reviews of people mention it and even then I was still surprised of the size. The packaging is nice and sleek but the white won’t last very long, I hadn’t even swatch the shades on the picture above and it was already stained, so once I go in with brushes it’ll be a mess. To help you guys get a better idea of the size, I put it side to side with my Tartelette in Bloom palette by Tarte, as you might owned one or seen one in person, I figured it could help.

The colours in this palette are beautiful and bright. It contains 8 matte shades and 4 shimmery shades, a total of 12 shades. I like that the names of the shades are at the back of the palette.

For the swatches I swirl around my finger 3 to 4 times on each shade as I want a true swatch and not over do it which makes the shades look more pigmented. I will do one row at a time.

First row: 

Full Zip: This is a very light ivory colour. I’d probably use this as a base colour as it’s super light on my skin. This came out a little patchy and had to build it up to be seen.

Big Cocktails: This is a beautiful shade, a creamy orange shade. I will have to play around with it, it’s so bright and I’m not used to shades likes this one but I’m excited to use it.

Champs: This is neutral peachy shade. The first time I swatched this it wasn’t as pigmented. I gave it a second swatch and it looked a bit better. I have heard sometimes the top layer might not be as pigmented but once you start dabbing your brushes in or swirling your fingers and using it more, the pigment will kick in. 

Bling: This is a rusty shade, beautiful and super creamy metalic shade. This is probably my favourite shimmer shade in this palette.

Second row: 

Louie: This is a beautiful and creamy shade.

Butter Cake: A metalic pale yellow shade. Just as the last one, creamy and beautiful.

Spoiled: A brick red matte. This is a very pigmented shade and creamy.

GNO: This to me looks like a burnt orange shade. It almost looks like a slightly  darker and matte version of Louie. 

Last row: 

Mischief: I was so disappointed on this shade. It looks so bright and pigmented on every review and pictures I’ve seen. I might be super yellow undertone and my tan skin might be making a huge difference because even though I built it up much more than the rest of the shades, and swatched it more than once, I could barely see it which is crazy because as I said, it looks so much different compared to other swatches. I know others swirl around their fingers more than I do for swatches but this is such a big difference and like I said, I really did try to pick up as much as I could with my finger tip and still not as pigmented. 

Note to self: I actually owned this one in a single pan. I really like this colour, it’s creamy, easy to blend and pigmented. 

Chaffeur: This one is like a light orange shimmery shade. It is a bit more pigmented in person, for some reason out of all the shadows this is the only one that doesn’t look the same in the picture as it does on my arm.

French Kiss: This is a dark brown, I really like this colour. It’s pigmented but it did come out a little patchy.

Final thoughts: 

Overall I think this is a good palette. All shimmery shades were pigmented and creamy, easier to swatch than the mattes. Most matte shades were pigmented, some better than others. There were a few that came out patchy and had to swirl my finger tips more to build it up. I would recommend this palette because the colours are so fun, creamy and pigmented, but I wouldn’t say you need this in your life, unless you want to try it as a dupe for more expensive palettes, such as the Natasha Denona sunset palette, or you want to try it for yourself.  One thing I’d like to mention is that my swatches did not come out as pigmented as most I’ve seen in videos or pictures, but again, some people really press down on the shades or swirl more than I do, and it can be misleading. There was only one shade that was a huge disappointment, but the couple others that were patchy or not as pigmented are buildable. But honestly for the price of $16, I think it’s worth getting it just for fun. I am pretty excited to play around with it! 

Do you owned this palette ? Are you thinking on buying it? Let me know in comments. Thank you guys for reading and have a great week! 

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  1. Nova says:

    I have this palette and have maybe done 3-4 looks with it. I am super impressed so far, although I have not used all the shades. Love Colourpop!

  2. I really really really want this palette! It’s so pretty!