Wet n Wild Foundation Review 

Hi everyone! 

I’m sure by now you’ve heard so many things about the Wet n Wild photo focus foundation. I purchased this about two months ago to wear to a wedding, and have worn it more ever since. I figured it’d be fun to review it and see what you guys think about it if you’ve tried it.

The foundation retails for $7.99CAD, which I think is one of the most inexpensive drugstore foundations. I grabbed the shade desert beige and it actually matches me really well. I think they have a decent variety of shades for a drugstore product. The packaging feels nice and heavy, but the application is such a pain. You either have to apply it directly on your face, beauty blender, or fingers, so you do come in contact with the applicator, which goes back into the bottle. So it’s not the most sanitary application. Also, the smell, it almost smells like wall paint. I’ve seen a few reviews of this foundation and I don’t recall anyone mentioning the horrible smell. I’m still not really used to it but I can see passed it, but I know some people might really hate the smell. 

The foundation is pretty runny but it doesn’t really bother me. It’s easy to blend with a beauty blender. I’ve worn it for over 6 hours and it didn’t oxidize on me. I’d say it is a medium coverage foundation. When I first applied it, it looked like a matte finish but after wearing it for a few hours it starts to become more of a satin to dewy finish, so you might want to apply a matte primer. 

Overall, I really like this foundation. It’s light and can be built up to a medium coverage but I’m comfortable wearing it as light coverage. It doesn’t oxidize, it lasts for a long time and it matches my skin well. The only cons are the smell and the applicator. I’d recommend you give this foundation a try, even if you end up hating it, the price is great and it’s worth finding out if it’s works for you or not. 

Have any one of you tried this foundation yet? Let me know in the comments, thank you guys for reading!

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  1. I also really like this foundation! It’s a nice base that’s not too heavy and cakey!

  2. This foundation is the ONLY foundation that doesnt get shiny on my nose and in my t zone, its amazing for the price.