Current Lip Favourites!

Hi everyone! 

I wanted to show you guys the lip products I’ve been loving this fall. The weather is still quite warm for us here close to Toronto, I can’t belive it’s almost November and I still don’t need any heavy jackets. I’m still enjoying this warm fall. Trying new lip products is going great, I’ve discovered many shades that I’d have never gone for before.

As some of you might know, I used to only wear soft pinks or light nude lipsticks. But since I gave darker lips a chance, that’s pretty much all I wear now. 

I’ve been loving all my colourpop liquid lipsticks, but there’s a few that I’m wearing more than the others. Check my Colourpop Swatches post to see all the different shades I own. I have darker shades, but I think I will save those for the holidays. 

I’m loving the lip pencils from Essence, they were super affordable. I will go back into the store to buy more shades, they are super creamy and it makes my application look so much better. I’ve had Velvet Teddy by MAC for such a long time. This was one of my favourite shades and for some reason I stopped wearing it. I decided it to wear it one day since I’m trying to slowly get rid of all none cruelty free products I have, and fell inlove with it again. It’s such a beautiful shade, and I’m so glad I have a cruelty free and more affordable dupe for it, check it out here

And lastly, Ripe Berry by Nyx. I got this shade in an ipsy bag back in April. I was honestly not so excited about the shade but now that I’m more into darker lips, I’m so glad I got it. It’s creamy and comfortable to wear, and I love the shade now. 

Those are pretty much all the lip products I’ve been wearing this fall. What are your favourite lip products at the moment? Thank you guys for reading and have a great weekend! 

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