DIY Christmas Gifts for Him

Hi guys! 

So today I’m gonna share some diy gift ideas for that special man in your life. These are all gifts that I have made for my boyfriend either for his birthday or past christmases. They are all small gifts that I incorporated to bigger store bought gifts, so in other words, they are great for stocking stuffers.

These are all super easy to make. I am not that arty to be honest, which means that anyone can make any of these gifts. I apologize if these don’t look as amazing as the pictures on pinterest. I have linked some of the ideas so you can get better instructions and reference photos if you are interested in making them. 

Coasters: these coasters were easy to make and you can choose any design. I’d recommend to use a sealer when they’re finished, as the paint has chipped off a bit from use. Check how to make them here.

Stuffies: I have always liked socked monkeys so I decided to buy a set from the dollar store and made it for him last Christmas. He loved it so much I bought a set to make a zebra for his graduation. He tells me all the time how much he loves them. 

Photo box: I first saw this idea on pinterest, the pictures were supposed to be of memories shared together, but I thought that pictures of our pets would be great. The pictures aren’t that great since this was very last minute and our printer didn’t have colour ink. So of course if you print them in colour it’ll look much better. You can personalize and have fun decorating the outside of the box. Here is how to make it.  

Ornaments: another pet related gift, were these two ornaments. They are meant to be ornaments but he has them sitting on a shelf. These take some time to make depending on how big you’re making them since they have to dry, and need to be painted after. Check how to make them here.

Reasons why I love you: these one is a popular but still really sweet gift. I shaped the paper as stars and put them all in a jar. As you can see, he couldnt figure out how to put them back together, but at least they looked nice when I gave the jar to him lol. This is definitely one of the easiest ones, but more romantic ones I’ve made. 

Diy card: I made him this card for his graduation. It was a little challenging to make but it turned out great and he loved that I put effort into making a cool and unique card for the special occasion.

Wall Art: This was probably one of the hardest one to make since I had to measure the size of the letters so it would fit nicely on the board. It also took some time to make. But I think it’s a great idea since you can pick the size and the quote you prefer. 

Globe Art: This one was also challenging to make as I didn’t have stencils which would make it way easier. I couldn’t get gold spray paint on time, but I’d recommend it as I think it looks really cute. Again, you can pick any quote or picture for this one as well. Here is a similar idea.

And that’s pretty much it. These are all things that he has on display in his room, I like that he can look at them and know that he means a lot to me. We’ve been together for 3 and a half years so as you can see, I have made him quite a few diy gifts in that time. These are also things you can give to a close friend, as you can personalize them depending on who they are for. I hope that this was helpful and that some of you have been inspired to make something from this list. 

Thank you guys for reading! Have a great day! 

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