Lush Gift Ideas for Mom 

Hi guys!

I wanted to quickly share with you guys a few products that my mom has loved from lush. She has very sensitive skin so I prefer to buy her skin products that I know won’t harm her or cause an allergic reaction,rather than wing it and hope they work for her. Apart from bath bombs and shower products, lush has tons of different and very great items. My mom doesn’t take baths and is not too keen on shower gels as she prefers bar soaps, but has yet to try one from lush. I have been trying different products from Lush for years, and I wanted her to try products that might benefit her. I got her a product or two as gifts for the past couple years. I can honestly say that I have not used these products myself but she absolutely loves them and has gone back to repurchase them. These are more targeted to older and sensitive skin.

These are all products that you can get anybody, really. I just want to mention a few that she has really enjoyed in case you know someone who might benefit from them as they make great gifts.

Dream Cream: I gave her this cream a couple years ago. She suffers from very dry skin on her body during the winter. I researched for a super hydrating body cream and came across this one from lush. She found it very soothing and it helped her a lot with dry skin. She scooped some up in a smaller container so she could take it with her everywhere. I am probably going to pick it up again for her for christmas.

Ayesha: My mom is obsessed wih trying products that help with wrinkles and fine lines. So I thought this would be a great product for her. She said it made her skin bright and it felt tighter after use. She didn’t like the smell too much but liked the result so much that she wasn’t bothered by it. Even though she did enjoy it, I probably won’t repurchase this as she hasn’t either. She is not the type to sit back and relax with a face mask on. She kept forgetting to apply it or was too busy. So I think it’d be a great gift for someone that enjoys face masks in general and is looking for wrinkles and fine line products. 

Colour supplement: This was probably the very first lush product I ever got for my mom. She didn’t really wear makeup other than some blush and lipstick, she gave bb creams a try but found them too heavy. I thought this would work great as it was natural, and it can be mixed with a moisturizer so it creates more of a tinted cream rather than a bb cream. She has been using this for years and has repurchased it with her own money. She likes that it makes her skin look more even and healthier, is easy to apply and she can make it as light as she wants. There are a few different shades to pick from as well.

Skin’s Shangri La: I gave this to my mom after she mentioned to me how she was looking for a cream for wrinkles and fine lines. She absolutely loves this cream. She uses a little bit in the morning and at night and she says she has noticed a huge difference on her skin. This is another product she has repurchased on her own and says she will continue to do so as she loves how her skin looks. It is definitely in the pricey side but it is worth it. 

These are just a few items that my mom has raved about. I definitely need to get her some more products so she can keep discovering things she can enjoy. Like I said, these are things you can get for anyone but is more targeted to older women who are looking to helping their skin feel and look great. I hope this has helped someone for christmas gift ideas or even if you are looking for products like this, you might want to try them yourself. 

Thank you guys for reading! Have a great weekend! 

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