20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men 

Hi guys!

I can’t belive how fast time is flying and Christmas is just around the corner. I’ve had a busy couple of weeks at work, and haven’t been able to post much. I figured I’d post another gift guide since those are pretty helpful around this time specially when you don’t know what to get for your loved ones. This will be a gift guide for any men in your life. These are all ideas I have previously gifted to my dad, brother or boyfriend and they have all enjoyed. So in case you are struggling to find a great gift, I hope this guide is helpful. 

Keep them cozy:

1. Robe: I love lounging around in my robe, specially around this time of year. I think this is a great gift for anybody as it’ll keep them warm after a shower or around the house. 

2. Winter gear:  If any men in your life is like my dad, this always comes in handy. My dad loses his gloves all the time so he is always happy to get an extra pair. And of course a scarf and a hat are great to keep your loved one warm. 

3. Pj Pants: This has become somewhat a tradition for me, I always give Pj pants to my parents, brother and boyfriend for Christmas. It’s something practical that will always be welcomed. I try to find fun patterns and warm fabrics. 

4. Slippers: A nice warm and cozy pair of slippers are always a great way to stay comfy. I’m actually thinking of getting a pair for my brother. I got a pair for my dad last year and he’s worn them all year round even though  they’re really warm. 

5.Blanket: I love blankets. They are perfect for when you’re watching TV, playing video games or working on the computer. Make your loved one a blanket and follow this tutorial.

6 & 7 Heating Pads: This two are pretty similar ideas. A heating pad to put by your feet in bed or pocket sized pads to take with  on the go. You can either buy them or make them yourself. I’d recommend making them, they are super easy to make and it’d make it more special if you put the effort into it. Check how to make them here.

8. Mug: If they love tea, coffee or hot chocolate, a cute mug is always a great idea. There are so many different and cute mugs everywhere, you are bound to find one perfect for that men in your life. You can always DIY your own unique design. Check this idea.

9.  Socks: I remember hating getting socks when I was little,but now I’m always happy to get new socks. I feel like everyone around me also appreciates getting socks, even if they are ones to take them off right when they get home, they will still wear them out or to work. 

Personal Care: 

10. Shower Set: These are great for when you really have no idea what to get them. I mean, everyone takes showers, or so I hope. 

11. Razor or Trimmer: Getting a nice razor or groomer is handy for most men. My boyfriend still loves the one I got him a couple of years ago and it was nicer than any trimmer he has bought for himself. I think is because is something he buys every couple of years so he doesn’t even try anymore so it’s nice to look around for one that might work really well and that will last them a little longer.

12. Beard Oil: Most men like to keep their beards neat and healthy, after all, is hair and it should be taken care of just as hair on your head. There’re different types of oils and he might enjoy trying new ones or even trying one for the first time.

13. Shaving Cream: This goes with number 11, really. I’ve seen many good reviews on Dirty from Lush and I’m considering getting one for my brother. 

14. Skin Care: My boyfriend has recently discovered my face wash, he has raved about the difference it makes and how much better his skin looks. Some men don’t think much about skin care, but it’d be nice for them to try some products that might improve their skin. Everyone likes their skin to look great. 

Help them relax: 

15. Neck and Shoulder Massager: I have considered this for my boyfriend so many times as his neck and shoulders ache all the time. Ive just never actually gone for it but I think I will get it for him.  Check it on amazon.

16. Head Massager: This little massager is awesome. I bought one from forever21 for one of his birthdays and we love using it. It’s so relaxing and great for blood flow.

17. Foot Scrub: After a long day at work a foot scrub is super nice. We have tried different ones but don’t really have any favourites. Just making time to soak your feet in water with a nice foot scrub makes your whole night relaxing, and he might appreciate the thought.

18. A good book: This will depend on the person. Making time to sit back and read a good book can be relaxing. If you know the person well, you might have an idea of what they like to read, or you can go for popular or best seller books that might interest them. 

19. Massage Bar: I have tried massage bars from lush and I enjoy them. Like I mentioned, my boyfriend aches all the time so these are great to help him relax. Lush has so many kinds and some are specifically for sore muscles.

20. Candle: Not everyone enjoys candles, but they can make a big difference to make the room more cozy. My boyfriend likes to burn them when he’s reading a book or just relaxing on the couch. Bath and Body works have aromatherapy ones that he has enjoyed. 

And that’s it for now! I have some more ideas but will be talking about them in another post soon. I kinda wanted to keep this guide for the laid back and cozy gifts. I hope that some of you have found this ideas helpful. 

Thank you for reading and have a great day! 

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