Dirty Works Bath and Body Haul! 

Hi guys!

Today I’m going to share wih you all my new bath and body products by Dirty Works. I found this brand at Winners, I’m not sure if they are sold in other stores in Canada and if or where they are sold in the States. I first tried their face wash thinking it was Soap and Glory, and later realized that it was a different brand but similar packaging. I enjoy this brand and everything I have tried so far. These are all products my boyfriend got me for Christmas and I’m so excited to try them all. Let’s get started! 


Burts Bees facial cleansing wipes, I’ve never tried anything by this brand, and that’s exactly the reason why he wanted to get something by them, so I could try it.  Face wipes by Dirty works. These are both makeup removers so that’s awesome. 

He knows I love face masks and face wash so he got me sheet masks, two different face masks and face wash. That’s actually the one I have tried by them which I really like. It’s not makeup remover and that’s why I use face wipes before I wash my face. 

Body butter/lotion: 

I got 4 little pots of body butters, this is perfect as I can take them with me. I always need to carry hand cream with me or my dry hands drive me crazy. One of them is inside a set you will see later. 

Two more hand creams,  3 body lotions, and foot butter. 

4 pots of body butter. It’s safe to say I won’t have to worry about dry skin this winter and this will probably lasts me up until next winter. But who knows, I love applying cream all over after a shower so with all of the body lotions and body butters, I’m set for a while. 

Body wash/Scrubs:

He got me a new body wash by soap and glory. He gave me one last year for Christmas and I loved it. And 4 body scrubs, I tried the one in the pot and it’s awesome so I’m happy to get it and I’m excited to try the other ones.

One set for foot care and a shower set. It has a bath soak which I’m hoping to use as body wash since I don’t take baths. I wish I could, but we use the tub as a shower so it seems unsanitary to me to take baths in it. If we had a separate shower, I would totally be into baths. 


I love putting coconut oil in the hair before bed and washing it the next day. So I’m so happy to get these two litter pots. 

And that’s finally it! I can’t believe how much stuff he got me this year. I am so lucky to have been spoiled like this, and I appreciate how much thought and work he put into it. As I mentioned in my last post, he was making up for not being able to give me much past years, which he didn’t have do but he so wanted to, I’m so lucky! 

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Thank you guys for reading! Have a great weekend! xx oh and happy new year! 

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