Favourites of 2017! 

Hi everyone and happy new year! 

I hope that everything is going well so far and that your year has started in the best way possible. I’ve been sick since new years eve but have finally started to feel a little better today. I figured that I’d start my blog this year with all of my favourites of 2017!


It was hard to pick only a few things for my beauty favourites of 2017 as I tried lots of new products and enjoyed many of them. I I was able to narrow it down and pick ones that I use the most. 

The Tartelette in Bloom Clay palette by Tarte was my very first hight end eyeshadow palette ever at the beginning of 2017. My brother gave me a sephora gift card for Christmas and this is what I bought. I’ve used this so many times throughout the year. It was a great palette to start as you can create so many different looks, is easy to blend and the colors are suitable for every day looks. I still love this palette and I’d recommend everyone to try it. I like that it still looks great even though I’ve used it tons. 

This BB tinted primer by Tarte was one of my favourite bb creams this year. I wear it every day when I’m off work and I don’t want to wear my regular bb cream. This one is lighter and light coverage, it evens my skin tone and makes my skin look healthy and natural. I apply it with my fingers so it’s quick and easy. You only need a little bit so this will probably last me all year. 

I bought this brushes by BH cosmetics later in the year but they are the best drug store brushes I have tried. They are soft and best of all they don’t shed at all, which happened to all brushes I tried over the years. I use a rubber makeup brush scrub to clean them properly (pictured above) it’s in a heart shape from Amazon, which is so handy and is much easier to clean them properly.

This Tarte blush in the shade Paaarty is one of the ones I’ve worn non stop since I got it from Sephora for my free birthday gift. Just like the Tartelette palette, it still looks great even though it’s been used tons. The Colourpop super shock blush in Cruel Intentions is also one I’ve been using so much. I pretty much alternate between these two blushes and they are definitely my favourites. 

 I finally got to try he brand Colourpop this year. I love their eyeshadows and blushes but my favourite purchase from them has been their liquid lipsticks. I wear them almost every day, they stay on all day and are easy to apply. My favourite shades are Beeper, Tulle, Avenue and Time Squeare. Check my Colourpop Swatches & Looks to see all the shades I have. 

I use the Essence lip liners to line my lips before applying the Colourpop liquid lipsticks. They are super affordable, they are creamy and long lasting. They have made applying lipsticks much easier and makes lipstick application looks better. 

The Origins clear improvement charcoal mask is something I use pretty much every night and I am so glad I discovered it. I struggle with breakouts and applying this overnight helps to get rid of them quickly. Check my review of it. 

I love this Soap & Glory body wash. It smells amazing, and it leaves my skin super soft and hydrated. I used to think it was overpriced but was I tried it, I fell in love with it. It’s totally worth the price. 


My absolute favourite nail polish of 2017 was the Kiely Sinful colors in the shade Kreme de la kreme. I wore in so many occasions throughout the year and I still love it. I will definitely repurchase it when I run out. 


These bracelets were gifts from my mom and my boyfriend, the ring is also from my mom. I wore them so much and they still are my favourite jewelry to wear. 

I haven’t had these earing for very long but I love them. I wear them every other day to alternate with my other favourite ones that I’ve had for years. 

One f my favourite things this year was our record player. We’ve enjoyed going to different shops and fairs to find new vinyl records to expand our collection. My boyfriend has more metal and rock music and I have classics like Frank Sinatra, Niel Dimond and various others but we still enjoy each others music. I love sitting down to knit or read a book and play our records. 

My new furniture my boyfriend got me for my birthday is definitely making this list. I love the look of it, they have so much room and it just makes my room look more put together. Check my What I Got for My Birthday post. 

And that’s it! I had so many things I loved on 2017 and I’m sure some of these things will be loved in 2018 but I look forward to finding new things to enjoy. Please let me know if you have posted your 2017 favourites, I’d love to check them out. Thank you for reading and have a great weekend! 

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